Beginner’s Guide: Different Types Of Vapes

Vaping devices are usually categorized into 4 groups:

  • The first generation or the Cig-A-Likes
  • The second-generation or the Vape pens
  • The third generation or the mods
  • The pod mods

Since there have been significant advancements in technology, we have been seeing a lot of changes in vape devices. All the new devices and electric vapes are made with innovative features that were not seen previously in the older models. 

Recently, modern devices have third-generation features. However, this does not mean that the devices you select for yourself have to be the latest and the fanciest looking. The best device is what suits you. You should also note that the older generation devices will usually have features that match today’s standards. 

There is a profusion of devices in every category. Let’s go through all the categories and discuss how they differ and how they can fit you. 

Vape Mod

Vape mods are the newest or t edition of devices in the vaping world. This device is known for advanced customized features and firepower. They are called “mods because, in previous times, vapers would usually modify their flashlights and make them into a smoking device. They did this to generate more intense plumes of smoke. 

In those old days, vapers would experiment with the devices they had to make them function better. With these tweaks and experiments, they were able to produce fat plumy clouds, but there were some problems as well resulting in explosions. 

In recent times, the mods we see in the vape stores do not have any such issues that could lead to a hazard. Since vapes are now commercially available, you can now find yourself a huge range of amazingly stylish and fancy designs that will help you produce intense smoke safely. 

Vape mods are either regulated or unregulated. 

Vape Pens

Usually seen in a cylindrical shape, vape pens come in various styles and shapes. Vape pens are bigger in size, as compared to the first-generation Cig-A-Likes. They have a bigger battery and allow you to make a bigger plume of smoke. When these vape pens were introduced in the market, their large battery size, a microchip in the battery, and the unique atomizer were some of the innovations we saw at that time. However, with growing advancements, we have seen vape pens coming with a lot more new features. 

Features of Vape Pens:

  • The big battery
  • Fire button
  • The microchip- offering safety
  • Tank
  • Coil
  • Battery indicator
  • Airflow control 
  • USB port for charging

The atomizer comes with a 

  • Mouthpiece
  • Tanks
  • Chimney
  • Coil
  • Airflow control
  • Threading that connects with the battery


If you’re new to vapes, it’s possible that you might not know what a Cig-A-like actually looks like. These devices were often seen at gas stations and were the go-to device for all beginners. The reason why they’re called cig-a-like is that they look almost similar to conventional cigarettes. Also, this is where the word, “electronic cigarettes” came from. The purpose was to provide a smoking experience that was similar to the original one in order to ease the transition from smoking to vaping. 

The Cig-A-Like are very simple in appearance and have these features:

  • Battery
  • Cartomizer
  • No button to press. Usually, they are draw-activated
  • LED light

Pod Mod

The latest and the most popular vape device is the pod mod. Pod mods are low wattage devices that look very much like the Cig-A-Like. These devices are used with nicotine and salt e-juices. These devices are an improved version of the old Cig-A-Like.

Different Types Of Pod Mods:

  • Closed Pod Systems: The closed systems are disposable devices that come with pre-filled e-liquid. They are the same as the coffee pods, so when the pods are finished, you can replace them with a new one and start smoking again. 
  • Open Pod Systems: These are manually filled. Usually experienced vapers use open pod systems and they buy nicotine and e-liquids of their choice to fill. The cartridges are then replaced after they have been refilled almost 4-5 times.

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