How To Choose The Best Vaping e-Liquid For You

When it comes to e-cigarettes, it is very important that you choose the right e-liquid for yourself. What key factors should you take into account when you purchase e-liquids?

It’s the flavor, the nicotine levels, the VG/PG ratio, and other things that you need to consider in this regard. Once you have used e-cigarettes for some time, you will get a better idea of what to buy. It is with experience you will learn which e-liquid is best suited to make your vaping experience enjoyable.

Moreover, it is also fairly important to buy this e-liquid from a reputable store, such as GG Vapes, since price and value for money are two things that are of immense importance whenever you buy anything. 

If you have recently entered the domain of e-smoking, it is highly probable that you’re finding it hard to find the right stuff for yourself. If you’re fortunate enough, you might get this help from family or friends who know about vapes, but if not, we offer you some advice that will definitely help you make the right decision. 

Here’s a list of factors you need to consider when choosing an e-liquid for yourself:

  • E-liquid flavors
  • Nicotine strength
  • VG/PG ratio
  • Value for money

E-liquid flavors

If you’re thinking you can choose the same flavors for your vape as those you like to drink and eat on a daily basis, you might be wrong. You’ll be surprised to learn that vape flavors are very different. 

  • Tobacco flavored e-liquid: people who have recently switched from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, prefer tobacco flavored e-liquids. For others, it is the exact opposite. However, our experience tells us that successfully switching from smoking to e-smoking does not necessarily require tobacco flavors. It is always a matter of personal preference. Therefore, if you like something sweet, earthy, and strong, you’re likely to enjoy tobacco-flavored e-liquids.
  • Mint and Menthol Flavored e-liquids: The vast majority of people choose to have mint and menthol flavored e-liquids in their vapes and this is something they choose to use all day. However, this won’t appeal to everyone. It is ideal to try all flavors at the early stage to find out what works best for you. 

GG Vapes provides you with a plethora of vapes, e-liquids, and vaping hardware. You can explore the wide range of products online, place an order and benefit from the cash on delivery feature.

Nicotine Strength

The best advantage of using vapes is that you have entire control over the nicotine levels. Smokers are generally habitual of a particular amount of nicotine at certain times of the day, and vaping allows smokers to take that nicotine in a much controlled and less harmful manner. If you want a lower-powered ‘mouth to lung’ vape device, you may look for a 12mg device. However, if you are inhaling a lot more vapor than usual, then you might need a 6mg or 3mg. You’ll learn about your needs very quickly once you start using them. 

VG/PG Ratio

Put simply, the more VG there is in an e-liquid, the denser and thick vapor it will produce. At GG Vapes, you can find a complete range of high VG liquids if you want to make intense plumes of smoke. High VGs are made for devices with sub-ohm coils and they are usually used in a ‘direct to lung style’. High VG e-liquids are known for delivering a thick dense vapor and an overall better vaping experience.

Value For Money

You will probably get a lot of variation in prices for products that are simple in design and have similar ingredients. The variation and range in pricing actually is a reflection of the quality of the ingredients used in making the e-liquids. Therefore, if you’re considering getting your hands on a low-priced bottle of e-liquid from a nearby store, you should know that the quality of ingredients you’ll be consuming would be very low. When you’re vaping, you need to make sure that the quality and safety of all products you use are always top-notch so that your health is not compromised. At GG Vapes, you can purchase original, imported vapes at affordable prices.  
If you’re in search of a wide range of amazing E-liquids in Pakistan, head over to GG Vapes at your earliest and enjoy high-quality products made from the best ingredients at the most reasonable prices. We offer a cash on delivery service and deliver vapes and vape equipment all over Pakistan.

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