Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

E-cigarettes just keep getting bigger and bigger for a long time. We’ve come from cigalikes to vape pens, from vape pens to tube mods, from tube mods to box mods, and since then, box mods have been loading more and more batteries into their structures.

There are a lot of explanations for this. In a larger battery, you can steam longer without charging out larger clouds, all of which are huge plus points for most vapers these days. You should mix this kind of setup with a high-VG, low nicotine e-juice and still be happy when it comes to reaching your throat and having the nicotine you’re looking for.

Yet pod systems are flipping all this on their heads. Managing to be compact, quick, and fulfilling, they are, in certain respects, the new version of cigalikes, but they offer something much more than that.

What are the pod systems?

As the label indicates, pod systems are e-cigarettes that use a “pod” compared to a conventional tank or atomiser. They do the same job: which is to carry the e-liquid and vaporise it to convey steam to you through the mouthpiece. Sometimes they have a lower capacity than most tanks, between 1 and 2 ml, but some are larger. The pods simply press in place at the top of the system and pull out when you’ve drained them or choose to swap the flavours. 

The remainder of the appliance is identical to every other e-cigarette. Batteries are comparatively small in contrast to mods, typically with a size of about 300 mAh, but in some situations, they may be greater than that. The “capacity” of the battery essentially shows how long it can last between loads. This means that they have less battery than most steam pens (which appear to be about 650 mAh) but more than many cigalikes (which tend to be around 200 mAh).

Open vs closed

Pods can be either “open” or “closed.” A closed pod acts like a cartomizer for a cigalikes device: it comes filled with e-liquid, and it’s not refillable, so you just throw it in the bin until it’s finished. Like disposable cartomizers, they have the advantage of becoming easy to use, however, the drawback is that your options, when it comes to taste, are restricted.

The “open” pod is rechargeable, equivalent to the regular tank, so you can place whatever e-liquid you want in it. This brings a lot of versatility to pod schemes, but it’s worth remembering that they can’t deal with higher-VG e-juices. It is best to use higher-PG blends (50/50 blends such as Halo perform well) with comparatively high amounts of nicotine.

Benefits of pod systems

Then why would you like to try an e-cigarette pod system? What are the advantages of pod systems relative to conventional forms of vaping devices? There are some of the most crucial details:

  • Compact: Pod systems are much more portable than most current vaping machines, making them a better choice if you’re going to be steaming a tonne out of the home. There is some variance in pod systems’ size, but even larger ones are more lightweight than other mods on the market. The pen-like ones are similar to the cig-a-like ones.
  • Easy to use: The “pod” style makes the e-cigarette pod device very simple to use. Pods easily pop in and out of the battery portion, and many of them function much like a cigarette – all you need to do is breathe to release steam. The most difficult thing you’re going to have to do on certain machines is to refill the pod, but it’s pretty easy too.
  • Affordable: The cost of the e-cigarette pod device varies, but they’re pretty inexpensive overall. They are cheaper than other mods on the market, but the price is close to that of vape pens in many instances.
  • Satisfying: Even though their scale is more in line with cigalikes, pod systems are typically even more vape-satisfied. This is particularly true if you are using high-strength e-liquids or very high-strength nicotine salt alternatives. With a high-strength e-liquid, you’ll find it as rewarding as any mods.
  • Discreet: Clouds are not for all, and they are not for any case. Often you want something more discreet than the vape, and the pod systems are ideal for those moments. If you’re using mods at home, having a pod setup to steam out of the house has obvious advantages.

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