What To Expect When You Quit Smoking To Start Vaping

Start Vaping

If there’s one habit that’s extremely toxic for your health and your surrounding environment, it’s smoking. If you’re looking to take this fatal activity out of your routine, once and for all, you need to ensure that you find an alternate that can help you get off the toxic ways easily. There’s no denying the fact that quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do because you get severely addicted to the nicotine and other components in a cigarette. 

Speaking of a safe alternate, vaping is proven to be a better and easy way to wean yourself off the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. Your body goes through a process when you move away from cigarettes. Cessation is difficult, but if you choose to follow some tips, it won’t be a hard task anymore. 

Let’s shed light on some withdrawal effects you can expect after quitting smoking and starting vape, along with helpful tips that can help you in the transition process. These tips will not only offer physical benefits but also help lower your expenses. moncler silver ski jacket marcas polos para hombres best xbox one s headset nike zapatillas 50 měděná stolní lampa adidas astir femme Belgium jordan 1 low basse jersey cuello camisero jordan 1 low basse lego minnie mouse głośnik bluetooth do lptopa Amazon pyjama grande taille pour femme Belgium krzesła do jadalni loft Amazon bewegungsmelder fassung e27 jd flip flops nike

Smoker’s Cough

Increased coughing will come out as an immediate effect when you put cigarettes away. This coughing sometimes heals quickly and other times, it lingers for a long while. However, you should know that it’s an indication of cleansing. The toxins build up in your system after years of smoking are released through this coughing, as the tar and mucus accumulated in your body start to find their way out. 

On the other hand, when you vape, you are not exposed to tar because the e-liquid you use does not contain any harmful components. Within the first few days of using a vape, you should expect frequent coughing. Know that it’s not harmful, but it’s a good sign. The coughing will go away in some time when the tar and mucus are expelled from the body, and eventually, you’ll be able to breathe better. 

Withdrawal Shakes and Headaches

Headaches and shakes are what you should expect once you get off from nicotine. These withdrawal symptoms appear immediately, which can make you very uncomfortable, too. In order to lessen this effect, you can use vapes. E-liquids offers you the option of adjustable nicotine and if you get the correct levels, this transition becomes very convenient. 


Research shows that smoking significantly decreases blood circulation in your body, causing less blood to flow into the brain. Decreased blood circulation also means decreased levels of oxygen reaching the entire body because the body then sends that limited level of oxygen to prioritized areas only. When you switch to vaping, the blood flow revives and comes back to normal. 

When the oxygen levels in your blood improve, you should expect to feel dizzy and lightheaded. Don’t worry about this as your brain is starting to get accustomed to the increased amount of oxygen. This dizziness should last for a few days only. Another thing to keep in check is the nicotine amount you’re taking with your vape. Note that excess nicotine is also a great cause of dizziness. 

Ideally, you should alternate between high and low nicotine strengths if you’re puffing all day. Its recommended using a lower strength liquid mostly. However, you should also carry an extra tank with higher-potency liquid to change with the lighter one if you get a strong urge to smoke at any particular time of the day. 

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