Vaping 101: All You Need To Know About Vaping

Vaping 101

What Is Vaping?

The act of inhaling flavorful vapor and exhaling a dense plume of smoke through an electronic cigarette or vape is defined as vaping. Vaping is pretty similar to smoking, but it’s significantly less harmful. 

Vapes contain a flavored nicotine liquid known as vape juice or e-liquid. The person using vape decides the flavor and the amount of nicotine they wish to have. 

What is A Vape?

Vapes produce inhalable fog-like vapor that usually comprises of nicotine and other flavors. These are small handheld electronic devices used only by adults. 

When vapes first appeared in the retail market, they came in the shape of a tobacco cigarette. These devices were called Cig-A-Likes, and they looked exactly like conventional cigarettes. After this, vape brands started creating designs of various shapes and types. You can now find a plethora of different types of vapes in power, vapor-producing ability, and design. However, the basics if their functions and usage remain the same. moncler silver ski jacket marcas polos para hombres best xbox one s headset nike zapatillas 50 měděná stolní lampa adidas astir femme Belgium jordan 1 low basse jersey cuello camisero jordan 1 low basse lego minnie mouse głośnik bluetooth do lptopa Amazon pyjama grande taille pour femme Belgium krzesła do jadalni loft Amazon bewegungsmelder fassung e27 jd flip flops nike

Working Of a Vape

Whatever brand, design, and shape of vape you get your hands on, they all work the same premise: a vape mod (battery source) powering the coil which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid in a small chamber called the atomizer. The user then inhales the vapor from a small mouthpiece to enjoy the flavor and a dense cloud of smoke is produced. 

Power Source Of Vapes

The battery in a vape is called the vape mod. This normally uses lithium-ion batteries. Vape mods are found in various different designs and are named differently as well; you’ll find names like vape pens, box mods, tube mods, and the smaller designs are called pod vapes. The word “mod” came from the early days when vapers used to modify their flashlights to generate more power. 

These days, vape mods come with a wide range of electronic features and power limits. Since there are a lot of devices available, you’ll see some that have very advanced features, offering adjustable watts and temperature control, while other devices are simple and offer no adjustability. However, these simple devices are recommended for beginners since the user does not need to have any technical knowledge. 

The ease of use mostly depends on the level of power you find in the vape mod. 

Low Power Devices: pod vapes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes

  • Need no experience needed to operate these devices
  • They come with a small rechargeable battery. However, the disposable vapes do not have rechargeable batteries
  • Generally they are without adjustable power
  • The devices are concealable 

Medium Power Devices: All in ones, tube mods, and box mods

  • You’ll need some experience in using these
  • It is recommended that you have battery safety knowledge
  • These devices come with a medium size rechargeable built-in battery 
  • These batteries are typically adjustable up to 100 watts
  • Although they are concealable but are easy to place in the pocket

High Power: mechanical mods and box mods

  • It is important to have experience if you’re using these devices
  • They come with multiple replaceable batteries. You’ll rarely see a built-in battery.
  • Battery safety knowledge is a must
  • You can keep them in your pocket, but these devices are generally heavy and bulky
  • These gadgets offer adjustable power up to 200 watts

The replaceable batteries you find in vapes are typically found in 18650, 207000, and 217000 sizes. All these cells are stronger than the average remote controller batteries and therefore need a good understanding of battery safety. 

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