The Differences Between Closed and Open Pod Systems

If you’ve considered the idea of using the pod-mod system, it’s important that you know a thing or two about them. There is a huge variety of pod systems available in the market, and selecting the right one can sometimes be an extremely daunting task. The most basic yet important thing to know about pods is that there are two types: the closed pod and the open pod system.

Both pod systems come with their own benefits, and just like any other thing in the world, they have their darker sides as well. Read this article to know about both, so that you can easily make up your mind for the one that suits you.

The Closed Pod Systems

Vapes actually started with the Vaporised closed pod systems. These closed pods come with a battery and a pod cartridge that contains the E-juice. Generally, you’ll see a wide selection of flavors when buying a closed-pod system. You can easily start off vaping just by attaching the pre-filled pod cartridge to the battery.

Benefits Of Closed Pod Systems:

  • Most beginners do not like to put in hard efforts while vaping, mainly because they get too bogged down with all the new stuff. These beginners usually pick up closed-pod systems because they are easy to use.
  • Since these pods are pre-filled, there is no need to pour the e-liquid into the atomizer.
  • There is certainly no chance of encountering problems while vaping this pod because the pods are already filled with juice.
  • Closed pod systems are free from leakages.

Cons Of Closed Pod Systems

  • Closed pods come already filled, and this is why a user does not get to experiment with several other flavours. They remain stuck with the one they have bought. 
  • The user is confined with one of the pre-filled pods made by the same company.
  • Closed pod systems can be expensive in the long run because pre-filled juice pods are relatively higher in price. 

Open Pod Systems

These systems come with a pod mod and a pod cartridge that you can refill at your ease. The user can select any E-liquid they prefer. Generally, the pod cartridge comes with a small plug that has a port where you fill. 

Benefits Of Open Pod:

  • For vapers who have been dealing with e-cigarettes for long, and are well-versed with the complex setups, the open pod systems are the right pick. These systems allow users to choose e-liquids according to their preference.
  • Open pod systems are generally cheaper because getting an e-liquid to fill a separate bottle is way more affordable than getting pre-filled juice pods.

Cons Of Open Pod:

  • Filling a pod cartridge can be a great hassle at times. For newbies, this is a very unpleasant thing to do. 
  • There’s a high possibility of creating a great mess while refilling cartridges because the filling ports aren’t too big. 
  • There are chances of leakages if you fill the pod cartridge too much. 

There’s no objective answer to which pod type is better. It completely depends on your preference and convenience. You’re free to select the best hardware that suits you.

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