The Benefits Of Shifting From Smoking To Vaping

People are becoming more health-conscious than ever these days, and these concerns have led many to consider quitting smoking. However, it’s not so easy to quit an addiction and this is why it’s better to shift to a safer alternative. You can do this by shifting to vapes. This transition will bring several changes in your body. Here we have discussed the rejuvenation process your body goes through once you decide to change cigarettes with e-cigarettes. 

After 8 Hours

Your body will notice some improvements at this stage. Once you’ve picked up a vape and quit cigarettes, the oxygen levels in your blood will start enhancing. Know that vapes produce vapors, and they do not contain harmful substances, like carbon monoxide found in tobacco cigarettes. This absence of carbon monoxide triggers the detoxifying process in your body.

After 24 Hours

Your body will get rid of all the carbon monoxide after you’ve quit tobacco cigarettes for 24 hours. The lung capacity will start to improve, and the harmful mucus stuck to the walls of the lungs will clean itself out. The human body is designed to work on improvement, provided that you don’t let harmful substances enter frequently. Also, there are no toxins entering your body while you vape, so the healing process will continue.

After 48 Hours

The performance of your organs will start improving significantly after leaving cigarettes for two straight days. Those who have been smoking for quite a while, lose a bit of their sense of taste and they don’t really enjoy their meals. However, if they decide to quit smoking for 48 hours, the sense of taste starts kicking back in again. Moreover, the smelling sense also starts to improve. The receptors in your body start healing allowing all the senses to come back to normal. 

After 72 Hours

At this point, you’ll see vivid improvements, as your body will have healed a lot. After three days of quitting cigarettes, the breathing difficulties will start to vanish, as there is no tar left in the body. This tar is responsible for blocking the bronchial passages, which also leads to severe irritation and coughing.

After 3 Months

Usually, smokers don’t remain strong enough to quit their toxic addiction for this long, but if they’ve picked up vapes in place of a cigarette, it becomes fairly easy. After 3-6 months of quitting smoking, all coughing problems and breathing difficulties will be gone for good. This is due to the fact that the lung capacity will improve, as all the dirty debris accumulated in your body due to smoking is washed away. 

After 5 Years

You’ll definitely feel a lot healthier, stronger, and lighter in the long-term. At this stage, you’ll no longer be exposed to the risk of a heart attack. Vapes won’t affect your cardiovascular activity because they don’t impact the heart cells as conventional cigarettes do. 
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