Top 8 Best-Selling Dessert E-Liquids

If you have a sweet tooth, then there is no way that you can miss out on dessert e-liquids. This blog discusses the top-selling dessert e-liquids. These can help you have a tremendous vaping experience.


The vaping industry has taken the triple delight of the Neapolitan and made this amazing e-liquid ice cream. This can help you avail three different flavours at a single time.

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla work together to create a flavour experience that will take you back to childhood. Get your hands on this new flavour and revive your childhood memories.

PB and blueberry jam

This one might not be a dessert, but who can ignore the satisfying flavour of peanut butter and blueberry jam E-Liquid? Not a single person. The taste of tonic, created by the best flavour makers is way too hard to resist. Fulfil your berry desired with this fruity e-juice flavour.

Dolce Gelato

Are you a gelato lover? If yes, then this one can turn out to be your new ultimate favourite. This one makes up a delightful flavour of Sicilian lemon and ripe strawberries crushed in Italian ice cream. Made an e-liquid ice cream that will give you some chills.

Take this one out, this could be the great vape after dinner.

Cookie Montsa

What could be better than a warm cookie in winters or cookies flavoured e-liquid? Cookie Monsta, created by very few flavour makers. This is the perfect chocolate chip flavour of e-liquid. How can the flavour of a soft, made cookie packed with tasty chocolate chips be so converted into an e-liquid? However it is, you can get your hands on it now!


Many flavour producers have an e-liquid cereal taste with a distinction. Graham crackers have a unique flavour for cereal and a small dose of cinnamon, and when they are rolled in a cold glass of strawberry milk, they produce a flavor that makes this e-liquid unmissable. This is one of the few flavours that you would love to consume early in the morning.

Honeycomb Cream

This one takes inspiration from the home town of Cumbria to offer you a smooth and creamy delight. This smooth e-liquid flavour is delicious on its own but the floral aroma of golden honeycomb brings it to greater levels. A great favourite of vapers that have a sweet tooth.

Sea Salt Savoury Caramel and Ice Cream

Some brands are now well known for their fascinating and tasty e-liquid flavours, and CCD3 is no different.

Their salted caramel dessert e-liquid will keep you returning with a unique combination of sweet and savoury flavours. Coupled with vanilla ice cream, this e-liquid treat is fantastic at any moment! 

Birthday Cake

You can have a birthday cake without any reason, when you like it!  Birthday Cake dessert E-liquid eliminates the shame and unnecessary calories to get you the perfect taste of birthday parties. Nice cakey goodness in e-liquid shape means that you can’t fail!

Try out your favourite flavours today!

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