Top 5 Vape Trends

Trends in vaping can be difficult to predict. Nevertheless, we can come up with some informed assumptions by tracking current trends, talking to suppliers and referring to our 2021 expert forecasts…

1. Systems of poods – but not as you know…

There were noticeable differences between mods when pods were first launched. (Pods are/were smaller devices with cartridges that were cut into a device for someone who was unfamiliar with the vaping scene. Mod systems had a tank to be torn into, had more authority and advanced functions.) But nowadays the two are becoming increasingly one, and we’ve even had a few discussions on whether to classify a kit as a pod or as a mod system.

These ‘pod mod’ devices become increasingly prevalent because they can provide a mouth-to-lung as well as a direct-lung vapour, perhaps because of the flexibility that they provide. They are mostly more compact than a mod, but with some mod pod mods that use one or more external batteries, they can also provide a wide power and life.moncler silver ski jacket marcas polos para hombres best xbox one s headset nike zapatillas 50 měděná stolní lampa adidas astir femme Belgium jordan 1 low basse jersey cuello camisero jordan 1 low basse lego minnie mouse głośnik bluetooth do lptopa Amazon pyjama grande taille pour femme Belgium krzesła do jadalni loft Amazon bewegungsmelder fassung e27 jd flip flops nike

2. Open systems vs closed – Who’s going to win?

The popularity of Big Tobacco devices, which are mostly closed pod systems, has been a trend in recent years. In the independent sector, however, there are very few effective closed cap systems (the Hexa V.2 being one).

As a closed system, this is not surprising:

  • Limits are costlier to run For people who have eye or mobility challenges the number of flavours you can vape is better suited for.
  • Most people who go to a steam shop and describe the advantages and disadvantages chose an open system.
  • Closed pod systems remain a starting point for more vapers, particularly those who start with a supermarket or convenience store equipment or prefer a tobacco brand.
  • When current vapours become aware of the various alternatives, however, I believe that we will watch more vapours swing to open systems, and as the bobbin becomes easier to switch.

This comes with a warning, though, since two things would put a strap in the works.

Firstly, the closing of steam shops at Covid, which means that fewer smokers have to access the advice of seasoned steam shop employees.

The second would loosen advertising regulations, leading to enormously highly resourceful tobacco companies’ marketing campaigns that aimed at regaining control of the nicotine market and selling shutter cap systems that provide them with better margins and control.

3. Having a lot of power isn’t everything.

There has been a race for years to see how much power you can get out of a vape mod. However, there is a limit to how much power a mod can produce before the coil burns out.

For example, you’ll often see a mod kit with a maximum wattage of 70 watts paired with coils that can output 200 watts or more. A small group of vapers who create their own coils or simply enjoy having a powerful device will still exist, but most vapers don’t need more than 80 watts of power. We’re beginning to see this reflected in vape devices, with more releasing devices with a more restricted wattage range (typically under 100 watts).

4. Barriers to break down

Although the majority of starter kits are now very simple to use, things are better.

For example, there is a clear emphasis on facilitating the change of the steam coils and the filling of devices. In 2020, we saw spray coils and technology for self-cleaning. This may also help open systems over closed systems. We can also see efforts to increase the accessibility of high-wattage vaping. Vaporesso has made significant progress in this area, designing devices that can be used with advanced features while also including modes that make them easier to use for inexperienced vapers. Progress like that will allow more users to access cloud vaporisation and temperature controls.

5. A future greener?

We have seen a little emphasis on the environment in the past in vaping culture but we hope to expect more. More leading vape companies are incorporating recyclable packaging with biodegradable filters in their new FLTR kit and demanding battery recycling plants. It appears that disposable e-cigarettes are becoming more popular. This trend is gaining traction worldwide. While this is beneficial for smokers who want to try vaping without committing too much, it is a worrying trend from an environmental standpoint. As plastic waste is a persistent issue for our surroundings.
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