Open Vs Closed Vape Systems: All That You Need To Know

Vape Systems

The practice of vaping is exponentially growing these days; with a vast majority of smokers shifting to this domain because of the extremely harmful effects of cigarettes. If you’re thinking of picking up vapes, or you’re new to the domain, you need to learn about the different vape systems that exist; this includes the open and closed vape systems. 

Since these two have a lot of differences between them, the experience differs as well. Let’s shed light on the benefits and drawbacks you’ll encounter while using both so that you can choose the one that suits you best. 

How do open and Closed Vape Differ?

The main difference between these two vape forms is the way the e-juice is transferred to the heating coil. In open systems, you’ll find a tank, also called the atomizer that is manually filled with the e-liquid of your choice every time you run out of juice. On the other hand, with closed systems, you do not need to refill. They come with pre-filled e-liquid filled-in disposable cartridges. Once finished, you can unscrew the tank and screw a new one.

Moreover, closed vape systems come with a mouthpiece that is fixed in the e-cigarette, but in open vape systems, you’ll get a removable mouthpiece. In addition to that, in open systems, the vape is equipped with a tank that holds the juice as well as the battery. Closed vape devices also have a juice cartridge or pod, but its tank is smaller than what you’ll see in an open tank. This cartridge is screwed on the heating unit. 

Perks and Drawbacks of an Open Vape System

Open vape systems are also called sub-ohms and mods. These are reusable vape devices that provide you the option to top up the e-liquid that has run out. These open vape systems give you the freedom to select the e-juice of your choice. Moreover, you can also adjust the nicotine strength according to your liking, which happens to be a very crucial aspect for vapers.

Apart from this, open system gadgets also come with a stronger and bigger battery, offering a better vaping experience. More importantly, open systems are known for producing big clouds of smoke. Therefore, if you wish to have a richer and fatter cloud of smoke every time you exhale, open systems are ideal for you. 

Talking about the downside of open vapes first and foremost is the cleaning factor; the device needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to run smoothly. Also, these gadgets are bigger and more cumbersome in size, which presents difficulty in handling. Moreover, if you’re a beginner, you’ll find it very hard to use these devices because of the many functions they have. Lastly, the experience of open e-cigarettes can be very underwhelming if you’re not taking care of all the tips, which is why it’s all the more important to go through the learning curve if you’re using open systems. These issues include choosing the right e-juice for the device you’re using, making sure your wicks are primed, selecting the right battery, and many more. 

Perks and Drawbacks of a Closed Vape System

The best part about closed vape systems is the fact that there’s really no hassle in re-filling the vape juice, and so you won’t have to carry the e-liquid and get into a mess when your cartridge runs out. When your closed vape finishes, you can dispose of the vape cartridge and screw in the new one. Furthermore, with closed vapes, you can use nicotine salts that deliver great satisfaction. This is also why closed vape systems are always a better choice for people who have recently quit smoking. 

Speaking of the drawbacks of this vape device, the compact nature of closed devices does not allow you to put them away, otherwise, you’ll misplace them. Moreover, closed systems are usually more expensive as compared to vape pen since they can’t be refilled. However, they can be cheaper in some cases, but if you’re a heavy nicotine user, you’ll end up finishing a pod every day, making it quite expensive for you in the long run. Lastly, closed vape systems come with the issue of waste when you dispose of the empty pods. 

Both vape systems come with their pros and cons. You need to see and decide which one suits you best. Looking to buy vape online? Head over to GG Vapes and get yourself the best vape supplies. 

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