Do You Love Grapes? 5 Reasons Why You Need To Try VGOD’s Purple Bomb!

The most popular VGOD e-juice, Purple Bomb, is getting immense attention and for all the right reasons. Purple Bomb is an e-liquid that will shake the taste buds with grapes! If you enjoy the sweetness of a crispy and juicy purple grape, you’re really going to enjoy the VGOD Purple Bomb e-juice. It’s overflowing with sweet and beautiful Concord grapes from the beginning of the draw, and it’s got an extra sweet candy touch.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Try VGOD Purple Bomb

If you’re just not inspired enough to enjoy grapes, this blog has come up with five reasons why you need to try VGOD’s Purple Bomb. 

VGOD Purple Bomb Does Not Taste Like Conventional Flavors

It doesn’t taste like a synthetic flavoring, but it tastes like a nice new and sweet Concord grape juice bottle. The best part about it is that it does not taste like artificial grape flavor, which is a major drawback of the conventional grape flavors.

There’s no fake artificial grape flavor at VGOD. Purple Bomb is a sweet taste in your mouth with grape e-juice that blends with a 70/30 VG/PG mix for the perfect flavor conversion, smooth throat hits and light clouds.

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced Is Ideal For Refreshing

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced gives freshness to menthol lovers. Purple Bomb Iced is a must for someone who enjoys the cooling experiences of steaming mentholated e-liquid with a delicious grape taste.

If things couldn’t get any better, the VGOD mixologists blended Purple Bomb Iced with an acidic menthol touch for all people who enjoy the cooling exhilaration of their grapes.

VGOD Purple Bomb is the best for low wattage devices

VGOD Purple Bomb is ideal for low-watt rechargeable pod models or sub-ohm vaping. If you love various types of vaping and dark purple grapes, then VGOD Purple Bomb will keep you happy all day long, no matter what sort of vape system you are using. Enjoy Purple Bomb on your low-watt devices with your sub-ohm atomisers.

VGOD Purple Bomb Lets You Lower The Nicotine Level

VGOD Purple Bomb is handy to lower the nicotine intake when you’re ready. 

Begin your vaping experience with Purple Bomb and leave the cigs for good. Proceed with Purple Bomb at 50mg of nicotine, then try the same fantastic taste at 25mg, 6mg, 3mg and eventually 0mg.

This is the best intake strategy for the beginners as it would help them enjoy the flavours completely without getting a strong throat.

VGOD Purple Bomb Is Easy On Your Pocket

VGOD Purple Bomb is not going to break the bank! Purple Bomb is a premium e-liquid made from high-quality materials by experts who believe in innovation and affordability. Grab a bottle of Purple Bomb and feel great about vaping a premium made e-liquid without thinking about how you’re going to put petrol in your car or your morning coffee.

Some Facts About Grapes

You might be wondering why grapes are given more importance in comparison to the other fruits and flavours. This blog gathered some interesting facts about grapes to hype you up about this amazing flavour.

  • Grapes are basically berries. 
  • Scientists believe that particular grape types have been around for over 65 million years. 
  • There are 60 distinct species and 8,000 grape types on Earth. 
  • Hieroglyphics indicate that ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks were raising purple grapes to consume and make wine. 
  • The average person consuming grapes eats around 7 lbs of grapes per year.
  • The oldest grapevine in the United States is the Scuppernong vine in North Carolina, 400 years old. 
  • Ashrita Furman maintains a Guinness Book of Work record for consuming 186 grapes in 3 minutes. 
  • The United States imports more than 568,000 tonnes of table grapes per year.

If you enjoy grapes and rejoice in the beauty of the grape season, then all year long you will be experiencing the glory with VGOD’s Purple Bomb. It’s a great combination of the tastiest glass of Concord grape juice with a little sugar added for a completely seamless vaping experience. These are five reasons why you ought to try VGOD’s Purple Bomb. Get Purple Bomb or Purple Bomb Iced, and you’ll be in the Grape Heaven all year long. 

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