If you have become a regular vaper and all of a sudden you are concerned about your health being affected by vaping then you should better toss all the vapes out!

Impossible, isn’t it?

Although the healthiest thing would be to bid farewell to your cigarettes and vapes, however, most of us would not like to do that. That is because the very reason why most people start vaping is that they want to minimize their nicotine intake.

There are already numerous vape shops in Karachi and there are a lot more that are growing. What this shows is that people want to continue vaping without placing themselves at too much risk.  

Now the question pops up” How can someone reduce the health risks of vaping without having to completely quit it?”

To explore the answer to this question and the ones similar to it. Read on!

Use the mods with temperature control

Mods with temperature control technology are evidence of how advancement can help to alleviate health risks. 

By controlling the maximum temperature of the coil, you can prevent the coil to start producing dry puffs. So, when the coil’s temperature reaches the temperature limit you chose, the device would automatically stop firing till the temperature starts to drop.

Doing so can help keep a lid on the formation of components such as acrolein and formaldehyde. The temperature control aims to make sure that flavorings and nicotine are vaporized to keep everything in balance. 

Avoid Diacetyl

A lot of the vapers wonder if they should be worried about diacetyl content in vapes.  That is a genuine concern because diacetyl is a poisonous substance and if we do not know how much diacetyl is present in our vapes, we would not know how damaging vaping is for our health. The problem is, vapers cannot avoid diacetyl because despite being harmful this substance is what offers flavor.

However, you can be sensible about the contents, so if you want to minimize the risks you should keep the diacetyl content in check. The good news is, it is not too hard to find out the percentage of diacetyl present in vape juice, because a lot of companies acknowledge the danger. Some companies even offer vape diacetyl-free vape juices. 

Use high-nicotine content and vape less frequently

Ever since the vaping trend has reached the peak, people are focussing on reducing the nicotine level in each ml. However, this has resulted in people vaping more frequently than they should. 

Understandably, the less nicotine you would take the more e-liquid you would require to quench the nicotine craving. This means you would be inhaling more puffs and although this does not seem to affect your lungs immediately, it can pose grave health problems in the future.

So rather than minimizing the nicotine content, you as a vaper should look for ways to reduce the number of puffs. Ironically, increasing the nicotine level can help you achieve this. Although it would increase the throat hit, it would also help you to vape less often.

Avoid dry-burning your coils

When you press fire with no e-liquid and without having your wick inserted in the coil, it is called dry burning. Usually, people would dry burn the coils to get an even temperature distribution. They do that to compress the contact oil so they can clean the residual substances from the past. 

Doing so rises the temperature i.e. 700 degrees celsius and sometimes even over that. Consequently, the structure of the metal gets severely affected and when a vaper combines this with the corrosive effects of the e-juices, it severally affects the metal of the coil.

To put it simply, dry burning might not make a significant difference in vaping, but if you want to stay conscious about your health, then you should better avoid this. 

Do not chase the cloud

During vaping, everyone must keep one thing in mind i.e. the more vape you would inhale, the more risk you would be exposing yourself to. If vaping helps you to avoid cigarettes, one should not try the form of vaping that as damaging as smoking. 

Did you find these tips helpful? 

Fortunately, even if you are unable to follow them, vaping would still be going too far safer than smoking.